"Art is movement and music"

"From an early age, we are educated in body language, face language, and spoken language. So, communication is essential for every man.”

The sign is the way Raul communicates with the world: through gestures and his rhythm, he leads us to dreamlike places, where the story is a journey.

The sign is the result of a gesture capable of amplifying communication and generating its own rhythm and time. It leads us, sometimes as unconscious and random spectators, to places where the dream seems to be real.

Born in Pescara, Raul works all over the world, from Ibiza, London, to Miami, and periodically he comes back to Italy, in Pescara, for special projects and collaborations.

The people he has met and the places he has known have not changed the artist’s favourite creative place: the street. A place where the artist Raul finds everything he needs to communicate, concerned with the context, the surfaces, and the instruments available.
Brushes, spatulas, hands, walls, fabrics, streets, and clubs are not a limit, but an exaltation of an emotional, frenetic, energetic artistic style.

"Gesture as a key element"

In two local events, the fabric of the most traditional work clothing Mario De Cecco, in the hands of the artist, has turned into a real work of art extemporaneous. Pulpa Festival, an event of street artists in which artists from all over Europe come to Pescara to show their talent, and the 2022/2023 academic year-end fashion show of the Academy of Fashion of Pescara - NAMI - entitled ABSTRACT, a world close to Raul that with his live painting held the scene and the attention of the public.

"I’m connected to the world of workwear, when working with something comfortable everything flows more smoothly. The body, the fabric, the colour explode in my mind and become a unique thing."

The workwear acts as a perfect canvas for capturing the emotions of the moment and enhancing the body of the wearer. The artist's brushstrokes' instinct, speed, and colour aim to shock the viewer in depth. Confirming its primitive nature and creating compositions that are timeless and unique.
The body, fabric, and paint are intertwined in a constant dance.