Stock management

Innovative systems
for stock management

Thanks to the dedicated warehouses, our customers can receive their orders promptly.
To optimize the space and to increase efficiency, we have adopted the innovative “Vertical Storage System,” an automatic vertical warehouse with translatable floors which allows you to quickly coordinate the pickup operations.

We also paired up with proven service for the stock – service provided by our Italian headquarters, a network of distributive hubs able to guarantee our customers logistic coverage, speed in deliveries and optimize transport costs worldwide, with warehouses in Italy, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, dealers located in Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, United States of America, Nigeria and Azerbaijan.


The procurement

Our purchase portal, with privileged access, makes it possible to manage orders directly, quickly, and easily from the dedicated online catalog.
Through the tracking function you can monitor your orders consumption, inventory, and stock replenishment, having a customized report for products, data sheet or for branch office.



Wash - Rental Service

Our washing service, obtained through the best partnerships, will relieve you from any burden related to the management of clothing, with all the guarantees of professional service, that a domestic washing could not ensure: the maximum hygienic effectiveness, the elimination of any risk of contamination and environmental impact or damage, therefore of impairment of the performance of Personal Protective Equipment.