Our company has all the most important certifications, including ISO 9001 Quality Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, and ISO 45001 Safety Certification.
These certifications attest to the continuous commitment to maintaining high standards not only in the production and delivery of services but also in the protection of the environment and workers.
Our company also obtained the SA 8000 and STeP by OEKO-TEX® certifications:
The first concerns corporate social responsibility; the second one provides a complete and reliable source of sustainable management of textile companies.
In addition to the system certifications listed above, we are able to produce garments that comply with the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which certifies the absolute absence of harmful substances to human health within the product.

ISO 9001
Quality management system
The standard defines the requirements for an organization management system based on quality. Thanks to its adoption, the company aims to a continuous improvement both on the side of product and process quality, complying with the following 8 pillars: - Customer focus; - Leadership; - Involvement of people; - Process approach; - System approach; - Continual improvement; - Fact-based decision making, and - Mutually beneficial supplier relationships.

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ISO 14001
Environmental management system
The standard fixes the requirements that an organization environmental management system should comply with. The decision to adopt the ISO 14001 standard is a volountary choise that lead the company to the definition, the implementation and the improvement of an evironmental management system. This choise leads to several benefit, such as: - Manages environmental aspects effectively; - Improved compliance with environmental legislation; - Prevention of pollution; - Minimizes energy and resource usage reducing operating costs; - Continual improvement in environmental performance; - Reduces the risk of penalties and avoids litigation; - Increased stakeholder confidence; - Improves employee morale; - New business opportunities with environmentally aware customers.

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OHSAS 45001
Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series
Confezioni Mario De Cecco SpA have chosen to apply the new international standard ISO 45001. This new standard replaces the old standard OHSAS 18001 (which the Company was already compliant since 2016), with the difference that now the top management are required to demonstrate a greater direct involvement in the organisation’s health and safety management system.
The new ISO 45001 certification reppresent a management and control system that aim to guarantee adequate levels of health and security for workers, asi de from complying with mandatory rules and laws.
The benefits that the adoption of such a standard brings to an organization can be summed up as follow:
- Identify and control health and safety risks;
- Reduce the potential for accidents;
- Aid legal compliance;
- Improve overall performance.

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SA 8000
Corporate Social Responsibility
The compliance with SA 8000 standard, attests the attention that the company put into aspects such as the social impacts of our activities and the working conditions of our employees, partners and suppliers. The standard aims to certify some aspects of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), among which: - the compliance with international human rights and labour laws; - the fight against child labour; - the attention to safety and healthiness of the workplaces.

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STeP certification is released by OEKO-TEX® association, which is recognized at an international level. It is a standard designed for organizations that operate in the textile industry and it comprehends several modules to comply with: - management of chemicals; - Enviromental performace and management system; - Occupational health and safety; - Social responsibility; - Quality management

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Standard 100
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a worldwide testing and certification system, which attests that a garment, and all the accessory material used, does not contain any harmful substances for human healt and for the environment.

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Ecovadis silver medal for the year 2024
We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Ecovadis silver medal for the year 2024. The results of the evaluation have placed Confezioni Mario De Cecco in 7% of the best companies evaluated by Ecovadis in the reference sector. Ecovadis is one of the most important international rating platforms for sustainability assessment. More than 100,000 companies have been evaluated by Ecovadis according to 4 main pillars: Environment, Working Practices and Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

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