Our Commitment

Everything we do has an impact on the environment and people.
It is the reason we work to reduce the impact of our production at every phase: from the choice of raw materials to the procedures for recycling and reusing components, yarns, packaging, and more.


Environmental sustainability


Social - ethical sustainability


Photovoltaic System

We invest in a state-of-the-art energy production facility to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to produce 50% of our electricity needs from renewable sources.
It is estimated that an annual reduction in CO2 production (greenhouse gas) equals about 60 tons and an annual reduction in primary energy consumption produced by fossil sources equals about 25 TOE.

Recovery of textile waste

From Special Waste
to a New Life

All the scraps of our production find a new destination of use.
Recovering scraps involves a selection process that sorts by weight, color, and composition and ends with a garneting phase that transforms the scraps into fibrous material to be used in the production of goods of diverse industrial sectors: for example,
car mats, sound-absorbing panels, cleaning cloths, and more.

Thanks to this first step towards greater sustainability of production, we can avoid the disposal of textile waste in landfills or the use of incinerators.
Collecting and recycling our garments is only the first step towards our greater goal.


Investment in Human Resources and
Research & Development

We cannot face future challenges without our people.
Therefore, we have invested in our personnel with training and specialization courses so that everyone can pursue our shared sustainability goal with greater awareness.
Every day, our Research & Development team works to find innovative fabrics, reduce production waste, and develop sustainable solutions that allow us to be among the first promoters of new textile production models in the workwear sector.

Projects in progress and Research

Open Cycle

Collection of post-consumer garments.
End-of-life garments find a new use and become new and different products.

Closed Cycle

Textile recycling for textiles.
Garments return being garments after a virtuous process.
Our pilot project in progress is aimed at the realization of 100% complete and sustainable equipment in eco-design.

Raw Materials

We research and select raw materials that have a lower impact on the environment

Fibers & Fabrics

We constantly search and select the best suppliers of recycled and organic quality fibers that have obtained specific certifications such as GOTS, GRS, and OCS.