Green wear-e is a vision, a set of values and people, a common project, a holder of ideas and a new approach. Actions and initiatives with a different key to understanding the present and the future.
It means seeing through new eyes.

It was not only the context that changed but also us. We want to be our change for the better.

Everything is being redesigned, including what we wear and our vision. A pair of pants is not a pair of pants, not a designer brand, but a multi-functional resource. Let's explore new ways of reinventing it today, for the value it will have in the future.

To reduce our environmental impact, we design sustainability.

Re-Think, Re-Making, Re-Wear.

Green WeAr-e

From the focus on sustainability in its broadest sense comes Green Wear-e, a philosophy that finds its practical implementation in all the initiatives and projects to which we dedicate ourselves every day.
We intend to collect organically the efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our activity, following three main lines: