"A healthy selfishness"
Chiara Stefanelli

It was a pleasure for our company to host Chiara for a training project, that was in line with her studies and gave her a source of curiosity and insight.

Close to her graduation in eco-sustainable technologies and environmental toxicology, Chiara has focused her experience in Confezioni Mario De Cecco on bibliographic research. The object was to examine the chemical structure, properties, and criticalities, both in terms of environmental and human health, based on the use of PFAS in industrial products and, particularly, in the textile sector.

The topic, so current and important, started by analyzing the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) report on the use of PFAS in the textile industry and continued by identifying some potential alternatives to determine its replacement. This is a subject under the microscope and closely related to environmental discourse, sustainability, and, last but not least, human health. Chiara’s interest is focused on the latter matter: human health, toxicology, well-being, and all that can threaten them.

"The key is a man and his connection with what surrounds him"

After talking with her, we realize that the center of her thinking lies in the human being, the individual, and how they are connected with the rest of the world in a mutual relationship. Therefore, the key is a man and his connection with what surrounds him. A complex network where a man is the focal point able to influence and be influenced, suffering today’s incremental side effects.
Chiara reminds us that man has an important role. Each of us can do a lot to improve ourselves and live better while exerting only a positive influence on the environment.

"In my view, advising individuals to adopt a specific lifestyle can enhance their quality of life and spread their well-being to their surroundings. This logic of interconnections suggests that taking care of ourselves is a good way to take care of our surroundings."

Therefore, it would be a selfish, but very healthy approach, which would allow us to be protectors of ourselves and the world, removing all kinds of threats.
Chiara is so firm and motivated that she increases our confidence in the future, in the human being, and especially in the younger generations. Today, they are aware that they are a small part of something big that must be preserved for as long as possible.