"What you think does not exist"
Samuele Di Campli

“Only by challenging your limits, you reach what you think does not exist.”

Samuele Di Campli's activity probably revolves around experimentation and innovation. The constant search for new ways, forms, and contaminations takes one in favour of the other.

Talking to him gives the impression of being in between the precise organization of the operative phases and the creative and instinctive impulse. He can rightly overturn the order of things.

Moreover, for Samuele fashion cannot be equal to itself, but must find its natural evolution by comparing it with other sectors, materials, hands, and reality. In this way it is possible to "go beyond" everything you know, often experienced as a limit to creativity, and achieve something different and innovative.

“...between creativity and reality, there is the positive of experiencing!”

Working on the balance between reality and the search for the new, he hypothesizes the creation and belonging to a real artistic current with a homonymous name: INFASHIONAGE - Project Powerled, a capsule collection created for the year-end event of the Fashion Academy of Pescara NAMI.

Technology, light, washing, and treatments are the focus of Samuele’s reinterpretation of the classic workwear outfits by Mario De Cecco. Everything is accompanied by his constant search for new silhouettes, which conquer the scene with originality and measure.

The designer's garments feature luminous piping, valves, contrasting faux leather, sound-absorbing panels, and lace bandanas. A variety of details are used to create an effect that involves the viewer and suggests various possible scenarios.

“… If fashion was not ‘the change’, it would bore me, and I would certainly do something else.
In my view, the change is the driving force behind evolution. That positive strategic leverage can make us do new and amazing things.”
And that’s exactly how what you think doesn’t exist, happens.”