50 years of success

An exciting  back with the most  archive images and the story of the great  moments of the first five decades of activity, collected through interviews with Mario De Cecco, his wife Yolanda, Giampiero and Paolo, with their wives and their children , now involved in the business.

In the early 60's Mario and Yolanda De Cecco decided to return to Italy from Belgium, where they had emigrated, to open a small workshop for the production of working gloves, located on the ground floor of their house: the difficult beginnings in 1964, the first successes in the 70's and 80's with the new plant expansion in the 90's and finally the path of internationalization since the early years of twenty- century are the most important steps in the life of the company that has maintained head and heart at San Giovanni Teatino in  Abruzzo,  factories and warehouses in Tunisia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates that allow you to meet the logistical needs from all over the world market.